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ASP Nuke Status Report

At long last I have come back to continue working on this project. A lot of people who come to this site must wonder if this site is defunkt or what. I have taken a long break from development on this project in order to focus on other interests in my life.

Maintenance Release / Improving Setup

A new maintenance release of ASP Nuke is due out this weekend. I have been going over the code and fixing a lot of the outstanding issues. Hopefully, this will resolve the majority of issues that users have been having.

E-Mail Auto Configuration

We have create a new e-mail class for ASP Nuke that will simplify the configuration of e-mail. Basically, it allows for a valid e-mail method to be automatically detected and configured by the class. Once configured, this method will be used by default for all subsequent e-mails. I'd also like to give a shout out to Hard Drive Recovery Group in Irvine, who helped me recover my Dell RAID server. That array was crashed and dead, but this page helped me recover my Dell PowerEdge RAID.

Simple XML Parsing Library for ASP Nuke

In preparation for adding theme support to ASP Nuke, I put together an ASP class that will parse an XML document and put it in a neatly organized class hierarchy. You can then query the document for a specific node or nodes and iterate over the results. This will be used to manage the configuration files for each ASP Nuke theme. The contents of which will be parsed and placed in the database for easy browsing.

ASP Nuke Themes Under Development

I am currently putting together a specification for how themes will work using the ASP Nuke framework. This will also incorporate the long-awaited template system which will allow you to make changes to the HTML code that builds the site through the web-based administration tools.

Italian Language is Complete

We have just added the italian language under the "Other Languages" box. Just click on the language you would like the interface to appear in and the ASP Nuke will change instantly. The "English" language will always appear in the list to allow users to go back to the default language.

ASP Nuke 0.75 Unleashed

At long last, the new release of ASP Nuke has come out. And with it, we have added support for the MySQL database server. MySQL is a fast and efficient database server that is open-source and runs on the Windows and Unix architecture. We hope that this release will bring improved stability and reliability.

MySQL Database Management Module

As part of the new release of ASP Nuke is a MySQL table management feature that allows you to browse the list of all tables in the database, create new database tables, drop existing tables, alter existng tables or dump all of the data contained within a table. Thanks to these guys for the help. While this is mainly for my development purposes, it should also serve module developers and programmers who wish to modify the ASP Nuke application.

A New ASP Nuke Release is in the Works

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding. It has been a long time since an update has been made to this project and I hope to provide a new release of this open-source software in the coming week. Please check back in the next few days for an announcement about the new release.

MySQL Porting Progress

Just an update, 99% of the porting work has been completed to make ASP Nuke work with a MySQL database. We now have a system that is compatible with both Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. The work has gone surprisingly easy and I'm sure many will agree that it has been well worth the effort.

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