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by Kenneth Richards - Wednesday, December 17, 2003
High / App. Framework

Finish adding code to the navigation, form labels and menu items to allow us to do foreign language translations for the application. Outline the steps (different phases) of translating the text on the site.

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Portuguese Translation ?
1/27/2004 2:56:31 PM - davidlopes
No ? Can i do ? Send some information about

re: Portuguese Translation ?
6/3/2005 1:30:14 AM - Anonymous Coward
' or 'a'='a

re: re: Portuguese Translation ?
8/7/2006 - Anonymous Coward

Portuguese no ?
1/27/2004 2:56:58 PM - davidlopes
Send some info about ...

Portuguese ? No ? Send me some info about ...
1/27/2004 2:57:51 PM - davidlopes
no ?

procedure of internationalization
2/24/2004 5:02:37 AM - Kalliopi
How exactly will the internationalization be done? Correct me if I am wrong but the English terms to be translated are embedded in the code, right? In order to internationalize do these terms have to be replaced by their translations by hand? or will there be some script that does that automatically or a metafile that only contains the terms up for translation?

Asp Nuke In Farsi
11/29/2004 8:01:49 AM - tehrantech
I am going to translate aspnuke in farsi, and I think I need a lot of help from the developers.


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