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Explains all about the ASP Nuke content management system including requirements to install, licensing and features.

1.   What is ASP Nuke?

ASP Nuke is portal software for Windows servers. Specifically, it is an Active Server Pages application for creating online communities. It is mainly a content publishing system centered around article publications.

It contains a user registration module allowing visitors to the site to login and discuss the articles posted on the site and offer feedback. A good example of this type of system is SlashDot which has a huge following.

2.   Who built ASP Nuke?

ASP Nuke was originally built by Orvado Technologies over the course of a year (2002 - 2003) with the hope of helping building successful communities on the Internet.

Orvado Technologies is custom web development company headquartered in San Diego California. They offer hosting, server and network support, web design and programming services. Their flagship product is a content manager that works much like the ASP Nuke site itself.

This project will soon be released as open-source software under the Gnu "GPL" license. It is currently undergoing some cleanup and enhancements which will fully round out it's functionality.

3.   What are the requirements for ASP Nuke?

ASP Nuke was built to be as easy to setup and configure as possible. Currently, the only requirements are IIS 5.0 web server (Windows 2000 or Windows XP) and Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

If you wish to upload images or other files through the web site, you will need to be able to set folder permissions on your web server. Instructions on how to do this will be posted in our documentation section soon.

This software will probably also run fine on SQL Server 7 as well. As soon as I have confirmation on this, I will update this FAQ entry.

4.   What type of software license does ASP Nuke use?

ASP Nuke is released under the "GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE" which grants you the right to copy and install on as many computers as you like as long as the original licensing information is unmodified. Details of this license can be viewed here.

5.   When do you plan to implement feature X?

Any questions about adding new features to the ASP Nuke framework, can be directed to our Suggestion Box. Our hope is that other developers on the Internet will contribute valuable modules to further enhance the features offered by our software.

We always have several new features under development and will try to keep you posted of new developments through stories posted on this site. Generally, you can expect to see new features added at least once every three months (quarterly.)

6.   How can I contribute?

Right now we are looking to enhance the modularity of the site and provide better support for themes. We are also looking at developing a sytem for international language support. Details about these and other upcoming projects will be posted as articles on the front page.

If you would like to make a monetary contribution to our project, please click on the "PayPal Donate Now" button that appears on the lower-left part of the screen. If you have any other ideas, suggestions or comments, please send them to us here at: [email protected].

Thank You

7.   How do I install/configure ASP Nuke?

Basic information on this will be covered in the README.TXT file which is included with the software distribution. For additional help, you can consult the Install & Setup FAQ which covers some common issues people have had installing the software.

With release 0.55, we have created a wizard that will walk you through the process of configuring your ASP Nuke site. This means that all you need to do is unpack the project files under one of your web site folders and then load the setup1.asp script. The scripts will create the database schema and create the data required to get your site running.

For further information about this project, please refer to the project page on sourceforge.

Last Updated: Thursday, September 18, 2003

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