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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
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I'm working much with PHP: I used a little VB ASP some years ago... but the languages are similar and I want to be back in action!
But I have a huge problem to face:

1. I do not have an ASP book
2. I do not have money to bou an ASP book (costs about 50€/60$)
3. I prefer Italian books
4. I don't want to use illegal ways to obtain it


Anyone knows if Windows Server 2003 Enterprise has ASP documentation inside IIS 6.0, like IIS 5.0 on Windows XP? IIS has a good ASP manual, written in OS language. I can search for objects, parameters and functions there!

By the way, Ken, can you read my post at

about the portal's architecture and security?
Anyone on this forum knows the ASP code for PHP's


This code does only check if the page is called via
I want ASP to analyze the URL user has called in oder to improve security on Modules.

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