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ASP Nuke Status Report
tarafından Kenneth Richards - Wednesday, August 23, 2006
den Development blm.

At long last I have come back to continue working on this project. A lot of people who come to this site must wonder if this site is defunkt or what. I have taken a long break from development on this project in order to focus on other interests in my life.

Since this portal software is written in Active Server Pages, there is probably not as much interest in running a portal such as this. Although it would be possible to port this code to ASP.Net, it would be pretty pointless considering there already exists a very capable .NET nuke portal. So for now, we'll just keep going with good old classic ASP.

One thing classic ASP does is it forces you to come up with creative solutions for problems. Because the built-in functions and components are very limited, you often have to come up with ingenious ways of solving rather simple problems. As an example, try doing Secure Hash Algorithm or File Upload without the use of a 3rd party component. It's rather tricky!

I understand the benefits of using a language such as PHP. I have recently built quite a few sites using PHP. It has a very rich feature set and it is extremely well documented. Perhaps I should switch my focus from aspnuke to contributing to PHP Nuke. Of course, that would never happen - because I like being in total control of my products destiny.

My apologies to everyone who has been wondering what the hell has happened to this site. I will strive to adhere to the Agile development philosophy and release early and release often. In our next release, you will finally see theme support which will allow you to quickly and easily customize not only the public (front-end) of Aspnuke, but also the administration (back-end). If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, just hit the link on the Suggestion Box at the left.

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