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E-Mail Auto Configuration
by Kenneth Richards - Monday, March 07, 2005
from the Development dept.

We have create a new e-mail class for ASP Nuke that will simplify the configuration of e-mail. Basically, it allows for a valid e-mail method to be automatically detected and configured by the class. Once configured, this method will be used by default for all subsequent e-mails.

For now, the class only supports CDONTS and CDO which are the standard messaging systems built into Windows Servers. The system will attempt to use CDO first and if that is not available, it will attempt to use CDONTS. Mail is sent out using SMTP through the localhost.

If you wish to use a third-party component (COM object) for sending out e-mail, you can easily extend the class to support this. I am considering adding support for common components like ASPMail soon. This new class will be included in the next release of ASP Nuke which will be out very soon. This is mainly a maintenance release which won't see too many new features.


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