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ASP Nuke 0.75 Unleashed
by Kenneth Richards - Friday, September 17, 2004
from the Software Releases dept.

At long last, the new release of ASP Nuke has come out. And with it, we have
added support for the MySQL database server. MySQL is a fast and efficient database server that is open-source and runs on the Windows and Unix architecture. We hope that this release will bring improved stability and reliability.

By only supporting Microsoft SQL Server, we were tied to a proprietary, closed-source database server that costs a substantial chunk of change. With MySQL, we support another great open-source project that is freely available. This should make ASP Nuke more accessible for all people who want to run a nuke portal on windows.

If you are interested in running ASP Nuke in MySQL, you should check out the documentation area (found in the menu at the top.) The document "MySQL Setup Instructions" will explain how to manually setup the MySQL ASP Nuke project. You may optionally use the setup wizard that is included with ASP Nuke (although you will still have to do some manual setup which is explained in the document.)

Changes for ASP Nuke 0.75 are as follows:

  • MySQL AND SQL Server databsae support
  • MySQL administration module
  • Configuration to keep articles on the home page
  • Can define custom time periods to group article archives
  • Standardized names for the forum icon
  • Allow overwriting of forum icon images for the same user
  • Finer grained security for the administrators area
  • Better navigation with the user administration.
  • Numerous bug fixes

Many thanks to DJ Echelon for his work in translating the ASP Nuke
interface in the Italian language.

Please report any bugs that you find in this code to the project support
e-mail: [email protected]

Also send us any improvements you think should be made to the application.
We hope that you enjoy this release and find it useful!


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